Neartown Church

June 29th, 2014 | 10am
Yes, if you have not heard yet, we have been planning the past couple of months to move the Gregory Lincoln Education Center (GLEC). In order to do this, we started PROJECT GLEC, a goal to raise $75,000 in a little over a month. We reached that goal this past Sunday and are celebrating as a church as we step out in faith in this transition.(Stay tuned for a message from Pastor Russell to hear about the miracles and stories of faith throughout PROJECT GLEC.) Our official date at GLEC will be June 29th at 10am, so make plans as this will be a landmark day for the life of Neartown Church! If you do not know where the GLEC is, it is located at 1101 Taft St, Houston, TX 77019. We are seeing and believing that this is a special moment and phase for the community and life of our church! We hope to share the stories of what is happening throughout the summer and year! With this transition, there will be a need for more volunteers on every team. We ask you in this time, to pray God lead to serve on one of our teams. If you already do serve with us, we encourage you to pray on how you could 1. Maybe serve more or in other capacities and 2. Encouraging others and sharing with them why you love serving on our teams. If you are interested in serving, please view the email list below to refer to which person to connect with or visit the Next Steps Table on Sunday. NTKids – Media & Music – Host Team – Set Up/Tear Down Team – Also, if you are wondering “why the move?” The excerpt below is a great read! We are glad to have you with us and to be able to serve you and together serving others! And even though we have already met our goal for PROJECT GLEC, if you still feel led to give, we encourage you to do so and thank you in advance! 1. R O O M T O G R O W The worship capacity at GLEC is nearly 300 seats. In the Y, if there’s 80 people in the room, it starts to feel full. We believe that we’re going to see growth in our people, and we believe that we’re going to see growth in the size of this community on mission in the heart of Houston. 2. A C C E S S I B I L I T Y In addition to increased capacity, GLEC is an easier facility to get into than the YMCA. You’ll turn off of Taft St into a parking lot. No ramps, no gates and no guessing as to whether or not you’re legally parked. You’ll get out of your car and walk down a sidewalk (zero flights of stairs, zero elevators and precisely one set of doors), and you’ll have your hands around a warm cup of great coffee. From a guest perspective, this is a much friendlier, more welcoming experience. 3. V I S I B I L I T Y Finally, by meeting at GLEC, our Sunday gathering will be clearly visible to the neighborhood we’re trying to reach. We’ll finally be true to our name! Neartown Church will finally meet IN NEARTOWN. GLEC is on Taft between West Dallas and West Gray.
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