Neartown Church

How to Give to Neartown Church

There are a number of ways to financially support Neartown Church. The guide below will help you sort out which is best for you. All financial support given to Neartown Church is tax deductible, and all givers will receive a yearly contribution statement no later than January 31st for the previous year.

Click here to make a one time donation, online, right now.

One Time, By Mail

Mail checks (no cash), to PO BOX 540995 Houston, TX 77254.

Cash or Check, In Person, on Sundays

On Sunday mornings at NTWorship, you can give cash or checks by placing them in one of the envelopes provided at the black kiosk in the back of the room. Place your envelope in the slot at the top of the kiosk.

Credit or Debit, In Person, on Sundays

We’ve recently added the ability for anyone to give using credit or debit card on Sunday mornings through a payment processing application from Square, Inc.. Simply enter the amount you’d like to give, swipe your card, and decide how you’d like to receive your receipt. These gifts will be reflected on your yearly contribution statement, just like gifts through other means.

Recurring Options

Many people wish to give on a recurring schedule. This can be done by either scheduling a recurring check to be mailed to Neartown Church through your bank’s online bill pay service, or through our church administration software. Please email to get set up with recurring, online giving to Neartown Church.